Our Shared Kitchen



Please register as a group member if you are interested in volunteering with us. Applicants must have their food handler certificate to become a member and volunteer. More information of how to obtain one in the membership registration. 

We prepare and hand deliver freshly-made meals and baked goods to those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity in Austin, Texas.

Mindful of this community's limited access to healthy food, we strive to incorporate a mix of protein, vegetables and whole grains into our meals. By delivering our meals directly to encampments, we make our services more accessible to those who might otherwise have been unable to secure food at a fixed point of service like a shelter or soup kitchen.

Our meals are nutritious and made from scratch. We emphasize connection and compassion, seeking to both support and engage the community we serve.

120 People | 82 Impacts | 205 Hours

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