Keep Austin Beautiful


Keep Austin Beautiful empowers people to care for the environment by providing community resources, education, and volunteer opportunities.

Visit our programs page to learn about other ways you can get involved.

Visit our education page to learn about our education programs, to register your school for in-classroom presentations, or to request activity kits for independent service-learning.

Visit our resources page to learn about and request free supplies for community projects, including tools, cleanup supplies, event recycling materials, and beautification resources.


We inspire and educate all Austinites to volunteer together, beautify green spaces, clean waterways, and reduce waste every day. Keep Austin Beautiful volunteer projects and educational programs care for the environment by restoring native habitats, reducing litter, increasing recycling, and providing community resources.
Sustainable Development Goals
10,613 People | 5,120 Impacts | 12,271 Hours




If one person; stops and picks up 10 pieces of trash per day; over the course of that day; imagine how clean Austin would be. One person can make all the difference in the world. I want to be that one, don’t you?