Elaine Bacon Literacy Program



                                                       Elaine Bacon Literacy Program

Our volunteer program offers group classes as well as one-to-one tutoring in English language learning to local community residents from other countries. In addition to teaching English, our tutors act as conversation partners for international residents who are new to the area. Perhaps you have moved to the area to be near near your parents, spouses or friends among the faculty, staff, or students at Michigan Technological University. Maybe you would like to meet some local residents or prepare for passing an entrance exam for school.  We can help with your English learning and community integration. Contact Denise Heikinen if you would like to learn English or if you would like to become a volunteer tutor in our program.

During the Covid-19 crisis, all classes and meetings are conducted either electronically or out of doors. 
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Digital Student Culture Exchange 2021

Zoom with a student from Iraq, China, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Russia or Thailand. The Elaine Bacon Literacy Program invites members of the Michigan Tech community to Zoom with one of our students for an hour. Our students are eager to learn about American culture and to talk about their own interests with others. Please consider offering an hour of your time. We envision this exchange to work as follows:

1. Contact Denise Heikinen to volunteer (deniseheikinen@icloud.com) for contact info one of our students, or for more information.
2. Invite the student by Zoom using their email provided by a program coordinator.
3. Arrange a day and time to meet online, for one hour.
4. Engage the student with simple questions and answers on topics such as: campus life during Covid, your major and future plans for a career, your family, your interests, travel, food, pets, etc.
5. If possible try to take turns asking questions to each other.
6. Converse for an hour and then sign off.
7. Send us a short reflection on the experience and give us feedback for next year!
8. Consider becoming a conversation partner on a more regular basis.