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ENGin is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to rebuilding Ukraine through the power of the English language. Our one-of-a-kind program is working to pair 100,000 Ukrainian youth with English speakers worldwide for free, online, one-on-one conversation practice and cross-cultural connection.

On an individual level, we equip students to access academic and professional opportunities. On a national level, we connect Ukraine with the world, spurring economic growth and social progress.

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Nearly two years after russia’s ruthless invasion, Ukrainians need your help more than ever. At ENGin, hundreds of Ukrainian youth are waiting for an English conversation partner: to help them break through the language barrier, settle in a new home, prepare for a new job, or just to provide a distraction from the horrors of war. 

Can you spare 1 hour a week and make a difference in a young Ukrainian's life?

Volunteering with ENGin provides a flexible and unique opportunity to make a difference without leaving your home. We’ll pair you up with a student to video chat each week at times that are convenient for you. No teaching experience or knowledge of Ukrainian is required. All of our students possess fundamental English skills. The only requirements are English fluency, a strong internet connection, and the ability to commit to just one hour a week for a minimum of 10-12 weeks. Furthermore, we provide training, support, and comprehensive session plans to guide your conversations.

Here's what three ENGin volunteers said about their experience: 

  • "This is an amazing organization that helps students learn English in Ukraine just by having conversations. It is a great experience, and I look forward to talking to my buddy every week. It is a great way to learn about Ukrainian culture and see a unique perspective."

  • "This program has been, I think, life-changing for both of us. I really consider her more like my daughter right now. That's how close we have become!"

  • "I'm so glad that I got this experience and was able to make a new friend. Teaching someone English, or a language you are fluent in is easy for anyone to do. By putting in a small amount of time, I'm able to make a huge impact on my student."

Want to learn more about volunteering with ENGin before signing up? Attend one of our volunteer info sessions! This is an opportunity to meet one of our team members, learn more about ENGin, and ask questions. Register here to attend a volunteer info session!

You can learn more about ENGin at www.enginprogram.org. If you have any questions before signing up, please contact us at info@enginprogram.org.

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